(The information for pacers for 2022 will be updated closer to the day)

Mallow AC  is delighted to have  pace groups at the 2022 10 mile road race.

Pacers are there to help you have the best 10 mile road race that you have ever had, with the Pacers on hand to help you reach your goals AND encourage you along the way!

Here are some FAQ’s with answers, on the pace groups:

What is a pacer?
A pacer is the runner in the group who carries a balloon and leads the group to the finish line in a specific time goal. The pacer will run even splits and encourage on the group along the way.  Pacers run to chip time and not gun time so don’t worry with the crowd before hand.   Your time only starts when you pass the gantry at the start.

What pace groups will be offered for the 10 Mile for the following goal finish times:

65, 70, 75, 80, 85 & 90 minutes

Where do I meet my pace group on race morning?

Beginning 10-15 minutes before the race, the pace team will all be within the starting corral, according to pace.  Feel free to join the pace group at the starting corral and have a fun meeting your goal finish time with the group

Do I have to stay with my pacer the entire race?
NO! Feel free to use the pacer as a guide to how your race is going. If at any time you feel the pace is too fast you can always slow down on your own. Also, if you feel strong towards the end of the race, feel free to pick up the pace and beat your goal. The pacers are there to help you achieve AND beat your goal.

Who are the pacers?
The Pace Team is comprised of talented runners who have been chosen based on their recent success. Let them guide you to the finish line on race morning.

What should I do after the race?
Celebrate! Please take the time to thank the race volunteers and also let your pacer know that you appreciate their hard efforts to make it a fun race. These pacers bring a lot of energy and excitement to this race. Also, carrying a balloon for 10 miles is HARD WORK and a big sacrifice of their own personal best finish time.