Start Area Guidelines…

Starting Corral Guidelines

Mallow_AC12009 to 2013

From 2009 to 2013 Mallow AC have operated the start line using chip timing but the times have always been based on gun time.   Basically your time started once the race started.     As the race has got bigger this means that people lose seconds waiting to pass the start line.

Changes in 2014 & 2015

Based on feedback after the 2013 race we have decided to go with chip timing based on when you pass the start line.     The benefits of this is that you will see exactly how long it took you to cover the 10 miles from when you pass the start line.

Precision Timing

We have teamed up with Precision Timing this year to help us provide this service.     At the start line there will be a 3.5-meter wide gantry.    Every runner will need to pass under this and only from there will your timing start.

Starting corral

When you arrive to the race start you will see the starting corral.   The corral will be quite long so please find your appropriate area in the corral.   There will be a team of stewards at the start area that will me more then happy to help you find your corral position.     There will also be signs along the corral with estimated finish time.   Remember your pacers will also be in the starting corral.  Look out for the balloons.  This should give you an indication of where you should position yourself.

Smart Start

It is for the benefit of everybody if you follow the times indicated.    It gets very busy once the clock starts and it can have an effect on everybody’s times if you are in the wrong zone.   If you are targeting a Sub 85 run then it could hinder you if you are up at the sub 65 section.   Nobody likes to start a race with people running up their back.  If you locate yourself in the 85-minute section then you are running with like-minded people who will all help you achieve your goal.

After you pass the Gantry.

Remember your chip doesn’t start until you pass under the gantry.  The race clock has started from the Gun but not your personal time.   The race started in the center of the town of Mallow this year.   The road widens out about 200 meters pass the gantry.  With the narrower start there should be less congestion for the first few 100 meters.  Just keep to your time zones and you will find your own space.

You won’t lose time so remain calm while waiting to pass.

Best of luck.       

Wishing you the very best of luck and have a great race.

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